We help outliers & organizations lead through hard pivots


Jason Shen

Founder & CEO



The Path to Pivot is a playbook for founders who want to escape the zombie startup trap and reboot their business in search of exponential growth.

About Refactor

Refactor Labs is a modern leadership advisory firm helping outliers and organizations lead through hard pivots. We believe that:

  • the world has never been more volatile and full of opportunities to engineer change

  • the stories you tell yourself, your customers, and your team are more essential and powerful than ever

  • enormous ambition requires enormous transformation in the way we work

Our Team


Founder & CEO
Jason Shen is an executive coach and the author of The Path to Pivot, the go-to playbook for founders looking to reboot their business.

  • Three-time venture backed founder (YC S11, Alexa Accelerator '19)

  • Product leader at Meta, Etsy, and The Smithsonian

  • Two-time Stanford University grad + D1 NCAA national champion

Media & Press
Jason's work has appeared in the WSJ, NYTimes, and The Atlantic. His writing has been published in Every, Vox, TechCrunch, Fast Company, The Muse, and Quartz. His TED talk on the future of talent has reached 5M people. See all press & media.
Jason regularly collaborates with a network of expert practitioners including Miroo Kim and Cara-Lyn Giovanniello.

Select Clients


We work with forward-looking leaders to unlock the power of resilience and reinvention inside their organizations.

  • Meta

  • Nielsen

  • Pinterest

  • Grubhub

  • Contenda

  • Coeus Ventures

  • Proctor & Gamble

  • Harmonic Message

  • Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Core Offerings

We deliver catalytic experiences that bring people together to achieve remarkable outcomes.🧢 Executive Coaching: 1:1 + small group sessions that unlock transformational growth through extended partnership.🛠️ Participatory Workshops: Interactive seminars designed to learn and practice crucial skills for navigating complex transitions—storytelling, emotional intelligence, experimentation and more.🎤 Keynote Talks: High energy presentations that challenges audiences to dream bigger and act bolder in the pursuit of excellence.

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